The Story

Catch & Release tells the story of the joy and pain inevitably tied to a few of my first relationships. These songs came to me during some of the easiest + hardest days of navigating the emotions that came with those relationships. Teaming up with some of my closest friends to record these songs was one of the best decisions I've ever made. 

Here are the friends I couldn't have done it without:

Bryce Langebartels, Clay Langebartels, Jake Kricket, Ivory West, Mandy Underwood, Ian Black, Lew Truex, Kailey Sullivan, Kim Pensyl.


The Story

After I graduated from high school I came up with the idea that I'd marry a girl named Beth because it was the only name I thought sounded good with my last name. Weird, I know! But it wasn't until I started dating a girl named Beth that always wanted to marry a boy with the last name Whitacre that things got REALLY weird. 

Even though we didn't have the same fairytale ending that I thought was destiny in the beginning, we both learned so much. I wouldn't change the story for the world.

The Story

Everyone has a first breakup. Unfortunately, my unsuspecting emotions didn't handle mine very well. Losing the closest thing to a "best friend" I had ever known threw me down a path of searching for fulfillment in worldly things.

Even though it hurt at the time, I wouldn't change anything about how it went down. I learned what I wanted (and what I didn't want) for my future. 

This was the first song I performed for my friends in college and ultimately gave me a boost of confidence that led to me more thoughtfully pursuing my passion for music.